Therapy Street for Kids

  • Simply follow the "Skill Areas" link--You'll see a choice of skills such as fine motor,
    crossing midline, handwriting, self help and so forth.  
  • Select a link within a skill area and you will be sent to a page filled with fun activities.  
    Many activities address more than one skill, so you may see the same activity pop up for
    different skill areas.   
  • Follow the links and you'll be taken on a virtual tour through engaging activities that are
    easy to do at home and with common materials you probably already have.  
  • Your child won't even realize this is therapy, because the games and materials are just
    plain fun to play with!  And most of the activities are interesting and beneficial for all
    children, so have friends and siblings join in!

    First things
    first . . .

           The purpose of this website is to
    provide resources for parents who want
    to carry over occupational therapy
    activities with their child at home.  The
    information provided here does not
    replace therapy or medical care provided
    by a qualified therapist or medical

        These activities are safe for most
    children.  However, some activities or
    materials may be inadvisable for children
    who have certain allergies or medical
    conditions.  It is recommended that you
    consult your child's medical provider or
    therapist before engaging in the
    activities you have selected.  
                     What is
Occupational Therapy?

           Occupational Therapy (OT) is a health
    care profession that helps individuals with
    disabilities achieve their maximum level of
    independence in all areas of daily living,
    including work, play, self care and school.  
    Occupational therapists work in a variety of
    treatment settings including hospitals, nursing
    homes, outpatient clinics and schools, to name
    a few.  The information in this website is
    focused on OT services for preschool and
    school aged children.

           In the school setting, occupational
    therapists focus on the daily occupations of
    school life.  They work with students who have
    disabilities to achieve success in the
    classroom and across all school environments.  
    Specifically, therapists help students develop
    fine motor skills, visual motor (eye-hand
    coordination) skills, sensory regulation and
    physical access to help make learning and
    participation possible.
    Therapy Street for Kids . . .
    is your short cut to finding therapeutic activities to enhance
    your child's school occupational therapy program.  
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