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    Bilateral coordination
    (using both sides of the body

    Crossing Midline


    Upper Body Strength
    and Stability

    Eye Hand Coordination
    (Visual Motor skills)
    Scissor skills

    This is an important skill that is used
    extensively in the primary grades.
    Pre-writing skills
    Self help skills




Skill Areas
Bilateral coordination is the
ability to use both sides of the
body at the same time.  Click on
the blue link to find activities.
Controlled and smooth movement
of the arms and legs is only
possible when the trunk is strong
enough to provide support.
Reaching across the
middle of the body is an
important developmental
skill.  It is necessary for
learning to read across a
line of writing and for
using the hands and body
effectively for many day
to day activities.
Also called visual motor
integration skills, this is the
ability to control hand
movements guided by vision.

Eye Hand Coordination
Certain fundamental skills should
be in place before a child even
picks up a pencil.  Click on the link
to learn more.
There are many reasons why some
children have difficulty learning
how to form letters and numbers.  
Follow the link below to find
ways to make this important skill
    Sensory Processing

Also called Sensory Integration, this
refers to the way the brain
intreprets, controls and responds to
information taken in from the senses
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