How to make
Things to
    Homemade squeeze balls
  • filling (flour, cornstarch, sand, small beans, bird seed-large seeds sifted out)
  • 12-inch helium quality balloons (smaller balloons can also be used)
  • empty plastic water bottle
  • funnel
    This is the best method for getting the filling inside the balloon (illustrated at right):  Pour about 1/3 cup of
    filling in into a dry water bottle using a funnel.  Partially blow up a balloon.  Pinch the neck of the balloon
    closed.  Here it gets tricky-- while pinching the balloon closed, place the lip of the balloon over the mouth of
    the bottle.  Now you can release your pinch.  If the balloon is firmly connected to the bottle, turn the bottle
    upside down to allow the filling to flow into the balloon.   Pinch the balloon neck again and disconnect it from
    the bottle.  Slowly release the air from the balloon (if using flour or cornstarch, do this very slowly or else
    the powder will blow out with the air).  Try to get as much air out of the balloon as possible (you may have to
    suck some air out, but be careful not to inhale any filling).  Tie a knot.  Place a second balloon over the first
    for added protection.  
    For added fun, draw a face on the balloon with permanent markers and watch it stretch and distort.
    Variations for fillers:  Hair gel, shampoo, play doh, putty, homemade putty (won't dry out in the balloon).  
    Method for filling the balloon will be different--find a way to open the lip of a deflated balloon wide (for
    example, cut off the top of a Gatoraid bottle, or a similarly wide mouth bottle, and place the lip of the
    balloon around the bottle mouth to open it wide).  Then shove the filler in manually.

    Oobleck for squeezing, "writing" or drawing
  • 2 parts cornstarch
  • 1 part water
  • food coloring
  • zip lock bag
    This is an interesting substance that kids love to squeeze.  It's best to make it in a zip lock bag.  Just add
    all of the ingredients to the bag.  Try to squeeze out as much air as possible.  Seal it.  For extra protection,
    fold a piece of packing tape or duct tape over the top.  Double bag it for enthusiastic squishers.

    Gel Bag for letter tracing
  • hair styling gel (if clear you can add a few drops of food coloring)
  • glitter
  • glitter foil shapes (stars, fish, animals, sports)
  • zip lock bag (size is up to you)
    Fill a zip lock bag with about 3/4 cup of hair gel for a sandwich size bag (should be enough gel to make the bag
    pancake-thickness flat).  Add coloring if needed, glitter and flat foil shapes.   Try to remove all air.  Seal the
    bag and tape the top closed with duct tape or packing tape.  Double bag it if necessary.  Flatten the bag and
    place it over white or light colored paper.  Practice using the index finger to "write" letters, numbers and
    words.  Or, place a picture of a letter, number or word under the bag for tracing over it.
    shampoo instead of hair gel
    add alphabet beads-- kids can try to find the letters in their names
    add school themes or holiday charms (e.g., plastic spiders for Halloween, foil snowflakes in winter, etc.)

    Goo Gloves
  • vinyl examining gloves
  • several drops of food coloring or paint
  • 1 cup white glue (may need less depending on glove size)
    Place a few drops of food coloring in each finger of the glove (2 different colors in alternating fingers work
    best).  Roll down the cuff a few times to keep it from getting messy.  Fill the glove about 3/4 full with white
    glue (a second person holding the glove open makes this much easier).  Unroll the cuff.  Push out as much air
    as possible and tie a knot.  To prevent leaks, place a second glove over the first.  Kids will have fun squeezing
    the glove to distribute the  color and watch it blend together.  It's a great sensory experience!
    use shampoo or hair gel instead of glue and paint
    add small beads to be pushed around inside of glove; challenge kids to get all beads into one finger
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