Instructions for
    Make a slit in a tennis ball with a box cutter or
    exacto knife.  Draw "lips" around the slit, draw
    eyes, hair, etc., with permanent markers.  When
    you squeeze the ball the mouth will open.  Hide
    pennies, pegs, beads and other small things
    inside.  Squeeze to open and shake out the
    contents, then feed the "hungry guy" by slipping
    in the "food".  The wider the slit, the easier it
    will be to open the mouth wide.  Start with a wide
    slit for young children.   

    Video Link:  Tennis Ball puppets
Therapy Street for Kids
Hungry Guy Tennis Ball
Materials needed
Draw a line
for a mouth
Cut a slit using a box
cutter or exacto knife
Squeeze to open the mouth.  A large slit
will be easier to open
Draw a face
is well fed!